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TrashCat™ Trash Skimmers

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LWT manufactures UMI Marine Trash Skimmers which are used around the world to remove floating trash and debris from protected inland and coastal ports and waterways. United Marine International (UMI) is a division of Liquid Waste Technologies (LWT). 

The TrashCat™ series are built around a diesel powered hydraulically integral system with a twin propeller propulsion system.  Hydraulics also power the conveyor systems for the collecting and unloading of the trash.  The units are customizable to offer different capacity configurations.

1500 Series System

Pick Up Capacity 8 ft wide x 1-1/2 ft deep
StorageCapacity 1,500 lbs or 120 cu ft


Marineskimmer - MS8-1500A

Pier Conveyor - PC-500 (*)

Tilt-Deck Trailer - T-6T 

Power Pack - P-220T

5000 Series System

Pick Up Capacity 12 ft wide x 2 ft deep
StorageCapacity 5,000 lbs or 400 cu ft


Marineskimmer - MS12-5000B

Pier Conveyor - PC-800 (**)

Tilt-Deck Trailer - T-8T

Power Pack - P-220T

12000 Series System 

Pick Up Capacity 16 ft wide x 2-1/2 ft deep
StorageCapacity 12,000 lbs or 700 cu ft


Marineskimmer - MS16-12000B

Pier Conveyor - PC-800 (**)

Tilt-Deck Trailer - T-12T

Power Pack - P-220T


1.  SHORE CONVEYORS - the following can be used in lieu of Pier Conveyors in offloading areas (lake or river embankments, boat launch ramps, etc.) not requiring a sharp "drop-off":  
(*) Model #C-500 or #AC-500;  (**) Model #C-800 or #AC-800.

2.  OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES - can be added as desired.

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